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The primary goal of a massage is to encourage relaxation, healing and well-being through touch. Regular massages alleviate symptoms of stress and provide balance to our lives.Re-energize your body and clear your mind.

Swedish Therapeutic Massage
Soft tissue manipulation, increases circulation and metabolism while releasing muscle tension.
 Full Body, Localized Neck or Shoulders & Back.

30 Min - $60, 60 Min - $95, 90 Min - $130

*Please note if you are pregnant please reference our Mommy to Be page*

Deep Tissue Massage
 Firm to Deep pressure is applied throughout the entire body focusing on specific areas of chronic tension and pain. Each client has a massage that is customized for their needs. Ideal massage for relieving long term postural muscle strain, tension and pain. Deep pressure breaks up adhesions and helps relieve hot spots of pain and tension build up.

60 Min - $110, 90 Min - $145

Raindrop Therapy - **Heavenly Day Spa’s Signature Massage** 
100 % pure essential oils are massaged into the feet and back stimulating the nerves and boosting the immune system. The oils aid in detoxifying the body while feather-light strokes blend with medium pressured massage creates a deeply relaxing session. An amazing full body massage! *NO PRENATAL*

1 hour and 15 minutes - $135.00

Soothing Warm Stone Massage
Taken from the healing rituals of worldwide native cultures, warm stones soothe and de-stress muscles and fascia promoting deep relaxation.

75 Min - $135, 90 Min - $155

Couples Massage 
​The perfect gift to give each other is time together. Let the pressures of everyday life melt away with a massage for two.

60 Min - $185, 90 Min - $255

*Upgrade to Deep Tissue $15 per person / Pre-Natal Massage can't be done in a Couples Massage Room

Aromatherapy Massage
 Indulge in the relaxing power of massage combined with the soothing and healing benefits of essential oils. Your choice of Relaxing, Calming or Energizing.

30 Min - $70, 60 Min - $105, 90 Min - $140

Reflexology Massage - “The Feet are the Mirrors of the Body.” 
This reflexology foot massage applies pressure to trigger point which connect throughout the entire body to release tension.

30 Min - $60

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice. ​

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